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Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my blog Positive Mind Promising Dreams.

I created this blog in hopes of sharing my inner  most positive vibes and thoughts as well as sharing knowledge with you that I’m learning along the way as I do this blog.

What Will This Blog Consist of?

This blog will be a way for I myself personally to keep track of my growth and goals. The reason why I choose to keep track of my personal goals this is way is if I have people expecting me to do something and waiting to see the results I have a better chance at actually getting what I need to get done.

So for instance I tend to slack really bad when it comes to a task or a project I need to get done. So when I’m being held accountable, I have a better chance at a achieving my goal rather than I keep to myself and I just sweep everything under the rug.

Goals That I Have For My Blog

Like any other blogger I have also set goals for my blog. I feel like it is necessary simply because then I’ll know exactly what I’m working towards. Here are a couple of my blog goals.

  • Reach 5k views by the end of January
  • Create a email list
  • Create adaptable content

Its only 3 goals at the moment but as I learn how to handle the technical life. I’ll eventually add on to the list.

But thank you for stopping by my page in the meantime. I hope you find everything to your liking. If you have suggestions on something I should write about or improve on please leave me a comment. Thanks Everyone! -Taylor