What is Affiliate Marketing and How it Can Help You

Make money online with affiliate marketing
Make money online with affiliate marketing

Why Did I Start This Blog In the First Place?

I was in search of a side hustle that I could potentially make into a regular income. With so much opportunity out there to grow, see new things, it was time for me to start using my brain and learn new things.

Affiliate Marketing

When I first started doing my research about how to make money without having to work a dead end job, Pinterest was my first go to for ideas. I searched for topics like:

  • Residual Income
  • How To Make Money At Home
  • Make Money Online


Every pin that I came across mentioned “Affiliate Marketing”….

So the next thing I wanted to know was “What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?”

The simplest definition is it’s making a commission by advertising merchants products on your website or blog.

How Much Have I Made From It?

About a couple of weeks ago, I finally was able to get Google Adsense set up to start making money with ads.

It’s really easy to do, they give you step by step advice on how to properly apply the links on your site and have different formats for what you may be looking for.

If you’ve done your research on pinterest like I have, one thing you may have noticed is that a lot of bloggers do “Income Reports”.

These reports help bloggers keep track of their monthly income that they make from their blogs using Affiliate Marketing or just by selling their own products.

Google Adsense is what I personally use. For every visitor  that comes to my page and click on a link, I gain commission.

Depending on how much traffic, is being directed towards a blog, it can be from a penny to thousands of dollars.

But because I’m a beginner, I’m still struggling with gaining traffic to my blog. It’s not the easiest in the world to get noticed but I’m currently working on improving my strategy.

Learning SEO while reading tips on blog improvement. I’m still searching for what works for me. That I still have a long way to go before I’ll see any kind of payout. So without further a due. My income for December so far has been….




Affiliate Marketing has helped by creating inspiration for me. Even though I’ve only gained $0.12 cents this month alone with it. At some point in my journey with this blog, I have done something right or I managed to improve. That is inspiring enough.

I mean I can’t even by gum with that but hey, I attempted an idea and I saw some sort of outcome from it. It just means I have to work on my blog more and create strategies.

How has affiliate Marketing helped you so far? If you have any tips that could possibly help me that would be great!