Personal Growth and Goals

What I Would Like To Learn This Week 


I would like to learn who I truly am this week. What makes me unique compared to other people? I believe I already know the answer but now it’s time to really focus and pay attention to what to how I affect people and in what ways do they affect me.

Why Am I Doing This?

Growing up I never really fit in anywhere. It was difficult because what I thought I liked, was just other people’s interests that I had forced on myself. It never really hit me until now, that I didn’t really care about what they liked I only did it because I wasn’t really sure what I loved.

I am my own person. I know for a fact I have qualities in me that people really do appreciate and enjoy but to me it’s just me.

So I want to know how does my existence in what I do affect the people around me? Do they seem to have a better attitude with me or am I draining them?

Is who I am now truly who I want to be later?

It’s a weird question to ask but I need to know for when I start trying to find a passion and purpose in life.  

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 Personal Growth

I feel once I get a sense of who I am I can begin my journey with personal growth.

I want to see the world in a different perspective with a more positive upbeat tone. It’s time for me to start managing my own success and stop being satisfied with less than what I deserve and know I can work for.

Disciplining myself is probably going to be the toughest out of all my personal goals because it takes commitment and dedication.

Learn how not to make excuses for myself and start making the moves necessary towards my success.

Just like how I see some of my co workers do.

I work in manufacturing and build lights for a living but I gain a lot of inspiration from the people who surround me. My manager and the engineers that I work with on a daily are either doing what they love or doing it because it’s making them a living. It’s inspiring to know the right steps can lead you on a path to satisfaction and financial security. 


Planning Out My life 


I am not the type of person to plan out everything that I’m going to do in a day. More or less a person to just go with the flow. But I’m going to start planning out my days better and already have the idea in mind of what I’m going to do rather than wake up and try to remember everything that I need to do.  

I like organization when other people do it for me but the moment I have to be organize everything just falls apart. The reason being is I feel as if when I have something that needs to get done, rather than just stop and take a moment to clean up after the last task, I’ll just keep going and clean up everything at the end.

The only problem with that method is it can cause a lot of procrastination because I can start the task but when I get bored, I’ll stop. I’ll switch to a new task and the cycle repeats leaving me with a big mess. This may be the reason for my confusion and not really knowing what I want to do with my life.  

But then because I got bored with that task, now certain details are missing and I have to go back and fix the issue.

So this is why I feel like if I learn to organize my life just right then I’ll be able to take control of my life and lead it in the direction that I want it to go.

Organizer To do list pen


As I learn to go through with these changes to myself at the end of every week I plan to reflect and do a post on what I’ve learn, what I’ve overcome and what I plan to learn in the next week. I believe that as we go about changing who we are, we also need to recognize our changes and figure whether we noticed some kind of improvement or do we need to work on a couple of things.


What are some of your personal growth/goals that you have set for yourself? 

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