How Your Attitude Can Affect Your Ability To Do Things

 Attitude Versus Altitude

The most annoying people in life are people with piss poor attitudes. Who believe that other people’s success is not achievable because it never worked for them.

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

Having a poor attitude gets you nowhere except in your feelings and trust me when I say nobody is going to feel bad for you in the slightest.

I base success off of three things attitude, motivation and determination.

If you desperately want something you have to be willing to work for it and that means through the good and the bad. When the plan doesn’t work out in your favor, you can’t just up and change the goal. The goal isn’t the problem, its your plan.

Be willing to accept failure.

Try your hardest

Always do you best

It can feel like we’ve done our best at time and it doesn’t feel like our best will ever be good enough. Just because you can’t see the effort, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Sorry Not Sorry

I refuse to feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t try or doesn’t think that they can do it.

Stop depending on others to be your confidence.

Don’t allow others to be the reason why you can’t do something. Using negatives like ” Can’t, Won’t, Don’t” If you don’t know your potential by now when will you?

It’s not up to anybody else to tell you what you are capable of doing.

Not Putting In Work

If you want to become a millionaire by the age of 25 but you’re doing the same shit you were doing yesterday, then don’t complain on your 25th birthday why you’re not a millionaire.

It’s easy for us to put off certain tasks that help us grow just because we make the excuse that we’re too busy, or it’s not the right time yet.

Anytime you have a dream or an idea that you want to make happen, go for it. Stop making excuses as to why you can’t do it or as to why it won’t work. It’s not going to work if your not doing anything about it.

For some people they don’t like the time that it’s going to take to achieve a goal. So they rush. But then the plan doesn’t turn out how they thought it would be and end up disappointed. Stop getting disappointed and start turning things around. Change a routine, change an idea but don’t change your goal.


Fear and doubt are the most common two reasons why people don’t chase their dreams. I use to  be guilty of allowing my fears and doubts be the reason I stayed in my comfort zone for so long. When we’re in our comfort zone nothing can touch us, nothing can hurt us and our routine stays the same. We’re safe.

Get rid of worry and doubt and make friends with faith <- This is going to be the most common phrase you will see popup on my blog the most. You know what it’s true. The moment I stopped allowing my fears to take over me the easier it was for me to start taking control of my life.


Always do your best and try your hardest. When the plan doesn’t work change it but don’t change the goal.

Start holding yourself accountable for the things you haven’t done yet.

Stop making excuses.

Be the hardest working person in the room.

You’ll get there one day!

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