My Blog Goals For 2018

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Blog goals for the start of the year

  • Hit 5000k view on my blog.

    • I thought starting a blog would be the easiest thing in the world. It is but when you’re actually trying to get your content out there for people to read and feel inspired by it’s actually 10x more difficult that it sounds.
      • If there’s a couple of things I’ve learned so far it’s in order to get where you’re going you’ll need to follow a couple of tips:
        • Find your audience- this for me has been quite difficult to do because I would really like to write about personal experiences in general. Emotions, Self-esteem, Life, but I’m not necessarily sure if that’s what anyone really wants. So catering to my audience has been a rollercoaster with consistently asking myself (What do people want?)
        • Staying motivated- When I first started blogging I thought it would be the easiest thing in the book. Write, Post, View, Repeat. It’s actually not that easy. You have to ask yourself ( What can I improve on? What is my purpose with this blog?) <– these questions have helped me plan out my time better when working on my blog.
        • Interacting with other bloggers- While I am a social butterfly. It’s hard to get that initial first impression when meeting new people online. “Are they mean? Can they help me? How can I help them?” Sometimes  I find myself comparing my material to theirs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing so as long as it’s being done in a positive spot light. Starting out blogging can be a rough but with enough planning, handwork and dedication I know anybody can achieve.
  • Create a schedule for posting content.

    • For right now in the beginning I plan to post more often and as I start to get a flow of traffic to my blog then I plan to reduce how much I spend on posting.
      • Writing in general is a great way to express ourselves. Taking into account there are other people out there in the world who feel the same way we do about certain topics or opinions. But I will have to say the biggest struggle with writing is actually having something to write about. There are days where I can manage to write a full book about anything that comes to my head and other days where it’s a dead end road. At those points it’s necessary to start reading or doing some kind of research and get those creative brain cells moving.

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  • Improve my writing skills

    • I honestly hate writing. I feel like I sound like a 5th grader when I write and it cause me not to read over my writing (which I really need to start doing) but I have learned to do so and when I go back to update a post I say to myself “Did you really write that? You sound so smart.”
      • Writing has been struggle for me all my life and I’m taking the initiative to start reading more books. I’m current in the midst of reading NO EXCUSE by Brian Tracey. (Excellent read by the way, if your looking to find motivation and an uplifting spirit). The goal is to help expand my vocabulary and find my own personal style of writing that can help my audience hear my voice and know who I am.

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  • Connect with more bloggers

    • This has been probably the most difficult task for me simply because I’m not necessarily sure how to go about it. What’s crazy is I’m not an introvert. I’m very outgoing and it’s easy for me to comment on people’s post when I can relate but when I try to connect on another platform like Twitter. It’s like I want to hide.
      • Even though this is a another blog goal of mine. I’m not necessarily sure if it’s the route I want to take. I will explain why. A lot of bloggers want other bloggers to promote their content but won’t return the favor especially with bloggers that are just starting out. It can be very disappointing at times. The way I visually see it is. You have the elite bloggers ( the bloggers who get thousands of views each month) while the starters are trying to at least get a couple here and there.  I’ve heard people say how helpful the blogging community is. Some of them are you just have to find the right crowd.
      • So if you ever want someone to check out your content. Leave a link to you blog and I will gladly read it!

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What are some of your blog goals for 2018? I would love to hear! Leave a comment!


  1. You are doing great so far! I totally get how you feel about being insecure about your writing. I was the same way but then I just kept at it and soon enough I found my flow of writing. I cant wait to see how far your blog goes!

    Nikki O.

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