Signs a Guy May Be Interested In You Through Body Language

Reading body language can be difficult because we could end up deciphering their actions wrong. But I personally believe most of the time it’s accurate especially when it becomes repetitive and only happens in your presence. So here are some of the signs of interest I have personally experienced and you could apply as well.

  • Eye contact

black woman eye contact

Very minimum or excessive eye contact could be a sign of interest. When you like somebody what’s the one thing you really want to do? You want to look at them. It’s easy for some people who are confident to look you in your eyes. Just pay attention how long they’re looking for.

If they hold your gaze longer than acceptable then most likely they’re interested.

But if you notice they can’t look you in the eye or try to avoid eye contact.

I’ve notice that the guys that like me usually hold eye contact with me very well. Some well also have the tendency to stare, which could make you uncomfortable but for me I thought it was cute.

Eye contact is one of those tricky ones. So I recommend not reading completely into it just yet.

  • Touching

couple touching body language


If you notice your crush is a little bit on the touchy side. That could also be a signs of interest as well. Touch stimulates the sense and can make two people more attracted to each other.

  • Positioning of the Body

couple facing each other

When somebody is interested in you pay attention to the way their body is facing. They will face their whole body towards you, to give you their undivided attention.

Also, another tip is look at where their feet is pointed.

Apparently, we unconsciously point our feet in the direction that we want to go or to our interest.

This actually holds true. I found myself feeling more comfortable facing the direction of the person I held interest rather than face away.

I have also noticed that some people who also had interest in me, their feet would point in my direction. Try it out if you suspect somebody likes you!


  • Eyebrow Flash

Pay attention to this sign because it can happen very quickly. When someone is interested in you they may flash their eyebrows at the sight of you. Its a subconscious signal that pretty much signals that they like what their seeing.

If they do it consistently throughout the conversation for no apparent reason. They most definitely have a thing for you.



These are body language signs that I have personally experienced. It’s the ones that have always stood out to me the most when I notice a guy taking interest in me.

Have you ever experience signs of interest? Anything particularly that caught your eye? Leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!