How Lack Of Self-Discipline Has Affected My Year So Far

One of my personal goals for 2018 was to gain a little bit better self discipline. I have high expectations for myself in the near future but even I can notice when I’m not doing what needs to get done.

Can’t keep expecting things to get done when there’s no work happening.


Self-Discipline and Personal Growth

Personal growth is something that I really would like to experience this year. I realize that I’m really slacking in that area for a few reasons:

  • I refuse to get up early in the morning.
    • I work 2nd shift so I usually don’t get up until 11am, but part of the plan was for myself to start finding more time in the morning and spending 2 hours working on a project that will track that growth. To be honest, I did it for like a day. Up till now I’ve been sleeping in rather than working.
    • Every morning I remind myself “You can either lay in this bed and not get anything done or you can get up, start working on your future.”
    • When it comes to self-discipline the choice is truly ours.
  • I’m reading but not retaining
    • When I read I don’t focus 100% like I should which causes me to not retain the correct information.
  • My attitude needs improvement
    • Our attitudes determine whether or not we allow ourselves to do what needs to get done. Attitude improvements is probably one of the hardest things to work on because we’re so use to it. It’s that “This is Me” mentality. We use that as an excuse as to why we can’t change.

All 3 of those bullet points have something in common and it’s all excuses!

One thing I’ve learned from reading inspirational and informational material. All it takes it 2 hours to do something for you on a daily basis and you’ll see improvement. Nothing is impossible, it’s all a part of having self-discipline. Knowing that it’s time for you to get up and start moving around, stop making excuses for yourself.

Time To Get On Track

There is absolutely nothing difficult about taking 2 hours out of my morning to working on something that will benefit me in the future.

From this point on I plan to get up early every day and try to plan out my weeks in advance. So then I can have visual of what my plans are for the week and work with that. Organization is the key!  I will be doing monthly updates that I would like all my readers to hold me accountable for!